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Paris Hepburn is related to one of the most iconic and well know stars ever to grace the silver screen of Hollywood’s Golden Age,   Audrey Hepburn.  Like Audrey, Paris is a actor, singer, dancer, and model.  Audrey is recognized as a film and fashion icon.  She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third-greatest female screen legend in the Golden Age Hollywood and was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.

Paris ‘Hepburn’ name comes from her grandfather’s side of the family just like Audrey Hepburn.  Audrey Hepburn’s father adopted the Hepburn name to his own and it was the surname of his maternal grandmother's mother, one of Paris descendants. 

Paris Hepburn’s name comes from her great grandfather’s mother’s name.  A long lineage of Hepburn’s originating in England, Netherlands and Germany.


There are many similarities to Audrey’s life and Paris’ life growing up.  Both were abandoned by their father, witnessed death at an early age, subjected to hardship after changed life circumstances, and pursued an acting career. 

They also have similar personalities.  Both were easy going, despite the tragic events in their lives.  They were always able to overcome them, laugh and be cheerful.  One way that Audrey Hepburn and Paris Hepburn pass the time was by drawing.  Paris has a great love for drawing.   


Paris great grandfather, Edgar Hepburn Fritze, was President of Collins Radio.  He wrote the book, ‘An Arbitrary Function Generator’ which led to the creation and design of the instrumental panel for the first spaceship to travel to the moon.  He also created and designed the instrumental panel for the first American Airlines jet plane. 

Paris Hepburn (18 September 2005) is an American actress, dancer, singer and model.  Her passion for performing arts happened at an early age. 

She started dancing at the age of two. While presenting her first on-stage performance, she asserted, ‘This is so much fun!!’  At the age of four, she became interested with theatre.  She was chosen for the lead role in every one of her performances.  At age six she was inspired with singing while attending a summer camp at the Septien Entertainment Group.  She has produced several covers and has written her own song all of which resulted in music/dance videos.    

Her training comes from some of the top leaders in acting, dancing, singing and modeling.  She has trained with Catherine Stroud, Wendy Faraone, Krisha Bullock, Mary Jo Mazur, Cathy Sullivan, Lauren Lazell, Lar Park Lincon and many others.  She is constantly training and acquiring skills she needs to be successful in her career.    



Paris Hepburn was born in Ohio.  Her middle name is Madeira from the city she was born in, in Ohio.  When she was one month old, she moved to Arlington, Texas with her grandmother, grandfather and parents.

Her grandmother and grandfather raised Paris.  They wanted to give her a stable environment in which to grow up in.  At the young age of two, Paris showed tremendous enthusiasm in the entertainment industry.  As years passed, she set her sights on achieving greater and greater success.  Her goals of being in the entertainment industry were mostly nurtured by her grandparents.  They took her to her dance lessons, acting lessons and singing lessons.       



Paris learned to express herself through her acting and excelled at every endeavor.  Producers and directors always chose her because she was always eager and willing to participate and give it her all.  They could depend on her to work hard and do what it took to make things happen.

Paris attended Dallas Ft. Worth Performing Arts Academy up to fifth grade.  While at the Performing Arts Academy she appeared in many plays, films, and performances.  Her academics proved to be cumbersome at the Academy because of the continual plays, films and performance she was working on.  She ended up being homeschooled in seventh grade so her schedule would be more flexible with her studies, career and training.  Much of her time was spent practicing and honing her acting skills.    

At school and acting classes, she was told that she needed to choose another profession because she didn’t have what it took to become an actress.  She went on to prove them wrong.   


She learned to play numerous characters from smart, bossy, gentle, and shy, with ease.  She played each character with a maturity that outperformed others her age and older.  At an early age, Paris was quite outspoken and her natural assertiveness grew as she continued playing out each of her characters.

Her first film debut was the film ‘Dust.’  A trilogy of a man’s journey to understanding dreams and the characters he encountered.  She appeared in ‘Assassination AD’ which will be coming out Easter, 2020, Dust, Betrothed, Crypt TV, T-Squad, Alien Teachers from Mars, AVA, Stories in the Night-Safe in Bed, Beyond SPACE, A Girl Named Arizona, The Domestics and numerous others.  Between auditioning for films and playing parts in films, she continued to create her own films and videos so she could build on her wide arrange of characters, skills and talents.  She performed at Mesquite in the Park, Gaylord Texas, City of Dallas Halloween Fest, Haltom City Theater, Septien Entertainment Showcase and numerous other venues. 



 Paris started singing around six years old.  She has produced four music videos and has performed at numerous events showcasing her singing talent. 

She has written two original songs that she wrote and composed herself. 

Her favorite genre of music is classical, Japanese, and instrumental over rock, jazz, and country.  She prefers the music without words which allows her to relax and think. 

Although she has dabbled in singing, she prefers acting over anything.  Paris love the freedom you have when you are working with different characters and moving the audience to feel what she is feeling.  She loves to bring out the best in everyone and finds by acting she can do that.

Height: 5"2"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Dallas, TX

2010 - present

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​


Star | Meet the Meows | Time Girl Productions | 2022

Star | Gateway | Raman-Martin Film Productions | 2021

Star | Time Girl | Time Girl Productions | 2021

Star | Tree Secrets | Dare To Dream Film Group | 2021

Star | Give Me Strength Joshua | Associazione Culturale Ama La Tua Citta | 2021

Star | T-Squid| Jonathan Ruiz Productions | 2020 

Star | 1E4 | Labeud Productions | 2020 

Co-Star | Assassination 33 A.D. | Jim Carroll | 2020

Star | Betrothed | Joey Martinez Productions | 2019

Star | Dust | Second Trilogy | Stonebellcreations | 2019

Star | T-Squad | Power House Productions | 2019

CoStar | Crypt TV-Daddy's Little Girl | Blumhouse Productions |2019

Co-Star | Powa House Productions | Alien Teachers from Mars |  2018                                   

Star | AVA | Lucretia Johnson | 2018  

Villager | Jim Carroll | Assassin Black Easter Resurrection| 2018 

Lead | Stonebellcreations| Dust| 2018

Lead | Septiem Saecula| Stories in the Night - Safe In Bed| 2018

Star | Coplay Productions| Beyond Space| 2017

Co-Star | Brainpipe Media Productions| Meathook Massacre III| 2017

Star | Stonebellcreations| A Girl Named Arizona| 2017 

Lead | UTA Casting| Lead| 2016 

School Child | Hollywood Gang|The Domestics| 2015

2010 - present

DFW/PAC| Charlie Brown| 2015


Creative Arts Theater| Broadway Kids|


Creative Arts Theater| Gingerbread Girl & Goldilocks| 


Music Videos

Star | "RUN" | Music Production | 2019

Star | Water Ballet| Violin Piano Hip Hop | 2019

Stonebellcreations| Pavane for a Dead Princess| 2015


Training &

Actors Audition Studio| Private Acting Coach| Lar Park Lincoln

Acting Corner| Private Acting Coach| Mary Jo Mazur​

Cathryn Sullivan Acting for Film| Film Masters/VO/Monologues| Cathy Sullivan

Septien Entertainment Group| Commercial Acting| Terry Berland​

Septien Entertainment Group| Film/Television| Harriet Greenspan​

Talent House Academy| Cold Reading| Catherine Stroud​

Talent House Academy| On-Camera with Disney| Wendy Faraone​

Talent House Academy| Deconstructing the Audition| Krisha Bullock​

Young Actor's House| Acting Film Class| Lauren Lazell​

Septien Entertainment Group| Private Singing Coach| Greg McKinney​

Septien Entertainment Group| Singing Stage Performance| Greg McKinney​

Special Skills

Dance - Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/Tap/Hip-Hop

Gymnastics           Yoga                        Ice Skating                  

Swimming             Roller Blading         Computer Skills

Archery                  Gun Training           Zip Line

Archery                  MMA - Ju-Jit-Su     Eyebrow Raising

Combat Training  




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